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Based in Albany Western Australia, Green Man Media specialise in dynamic video production and content creation.

Watch our latest showreel above for a taste of video communication possibilities.

The Art of Communication

A well-told story has the power to attract, influence, inspire and change.Green Man Media help to empower businesses through realising their own stories. Our focused versatile team combine digital technology with the ancient art of storytelling, drawing on intuition and experience to connect to your market through multimedia productions.In addition to audiovisual content, we provide marketing strategy and branding for small businesses, not-for-profits and any entity looking to successfully engage with their audience.

What We Do

Video Production

  • Mini-documentaries for captivating storytelling through video

  • Client testimonials to showcase positive success stories

  • Corporate training / recruitment videos

  • Immersive walkthrough videos

  • Freelance video capture that is flexible and fast

Video Advertising

  • Tailor-made cinema advertising for big screen impact

  • Television commercials including all registration processes

  • Social media advertising for successful ad campaigns

Content Marketing

  • Short form video content created in all social media sizes

  • Image posts custom-branded for your business

  • Marketing strategy sessions and development

Creative Branding

  • Vibrant and unique logo design

  • Print marketing design such as flyers, posters and signage

  • Digital content libraries for online branding consistency

Events / Live Streaming

  • Live streaming and capture of events

  • Production of engaging presentation videos

  • Complete audiovisual services including lighting

Affordable Websites

  • Simplified website solutions at competitive prices

  • Streamlined single-page or multi-page options

  • Management and technical updates of existing websites

Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.

- Edward De Bono

Meet the Green Man Team

Adrian Gaspari
Director / Producer
Adrian has over 25 years experience across the culture of multimedia and production. Splicing film from the age of 15, a hearty appetite for the latest technology and a solid background in small business, this Albany lad loves to make life easier for people with quality creative solutions.

Simon Blackburn
Production Manager
Having worked in creative industries for over 19 years, Simon brings a wealth of experience across design, digital communication, marketing, advertising, web technologies, management and more. His obsession for detail is only surpassed by his penchant for puns.

Elaine Van Der Stoep
Multimedia Designer
Elaine is our jack-of-all-trades and is always ready to take on a new challenge! Her graphic design skills see her creating vibrant television and cinema commercials, logos, print media and more. She is also hands-on with social media management and client liaison.

Tim Whittingstall
Video Editor
Tim is a cool, calm and collected video editor with plenty of experience in independent films, commercial projects and more. Tim’s calm and focused attitude brings strength and rhythm to Green Man’s productions and this talented editor can create an amazing story out of anything!

Kale Brenzi
Content Creator
Kale brings killer content for our social media clients; enhanced with design flair. His thorough work ethic ensures our content marketing is delivered without delay. With Kale 'in the zone' it's not just a job done but a job done well.

What Our Clients Say

Australian Mineral Fertilisers

Tom Frost (Owner) and Green Man have developed a clear path of communication when creating videos for AMF, which has continued to operate smoothly for over a decade.

  • Worked together over 10 years

  • Captured testimonial stories from farmers around the state

  • Content used for trade shows, website and social media

Amity Rose Funerals

Sandra Woonings (Director) provides insight into the long business relationship between Green Man and Amity Rose; one that is built on trust, quality and flexibility.

  • Over 300 Video Live Streams

  • Hopetoun to Walpole, from churches to farms

  • Reliable availability every day of the week

Professor Stephen Hopper

For long-term projects, it is critical to have a partner who can reliably navigate and make genuine progress towards the end goal. The relationship between Green Man and Professor Stephen Hopper is proof of this.

  • 4 year collaborative production

  • Worked alongside Indigenous Elders

  • Managed and respected sensitive information

What We Do  >  Video Production

Mini Documentaries

Make a meaningful connection with your audience by a sharing a story.From 90 seconds to 10 minutes and beyond, Green Man Mini-Docs put the spotlight on what’s important to you, your business and your clients.In the context of a website, social media or corporate event, Green Man Mini-Docs act as a virtual ‘meet + greet’, allowing your audience to see behind the scenes and get a feel for what sets your business apart.

Growsafe - Goodies Farm

Look Back & Smile

Lange Estate

Client Testimonials

Capture the magic of word-of-mouth and share your client's delight.The more competitive marketing becomes, the more you will require videos that can cut through the noise. Constructing your own marketing spiel can only get you so far... so why not let your clients do the talking to truly communicate a positive and relatable experience.Our team can take care of everything for your testimonials. From arranging the when and where with your client, to interview techniques and more.

Great Southern Specialist Centre
The Art Lease Project

Community Bank Albany
Emu Point Tennis Club

Direct Seeding
Darryl Drill

Corporate Training / Recruitment

As your business grows, you will need tools to assist with your expansion.Green Man offer a range of corporate video options designed for both internal and external applications.If you're looking to attract new talent, our recruitment videos are the ideal accompaniment for job listings. Have your own support team? Make the most of training videos to guide customers and onboard employees.

Lincolns Accountants

Himac Attachments

South Coast Sports Medicine

Walkthrough Videos

An immersive video tour to showcase your facilities.Take the stress and effort out of private tours by capturing a video walkthrough of your premises. Whether you're selling, hiring or attracting new clients, you can heighten allure and intrigue using video.Shot at a high-frame rate, Green Man walkthrough videos feature dramatic slow and fast scenes to add excitement and smooth production.

The Gardens at Bullimah
Showcasing Luxury Accommodation and Stunning Event Facilities

Pioneer Health
Showcasing new Professional Health Facilities & Architecture

Residential Home For Sale
Showcasing home layout, amenities, front and back

Freelance Video Capture

Utilise experienced, equipped personnel based in Great Southern WA.Green Man Media’s small and relatable team are efficient and proactive. Our reliable crew can travel just about anywhere to capture footage or conduct interviews - all with fast delivery if you have a tight deadline!We can provide day rates or tailored quotes for filming and editing.

Other services from Green Man Media

What We Do  >  Video Advertising

Cinema Advertising

The impact of a cinema environment can do wonders for your brand.Our first-hand experience with this powerful medium ranges from the projection room to statewide film exhibiting and international screen events.This continues to give Green Man Media valuable insight into cinema and the most effective ways to engage with cinema audiences.

Pioneer Health

The Gerald

Denmark Thrills

Television Commercials

A presence on television allows you to engage with audiences statewide.Here at Green Man Media, we make your broadcasting experience simple and rewarding. The production options we offer all include Classification, Audio Production and Satellite Delivery.Talk with us for effective multimedia productions, tailor-made to your needs.

Discovery Bay Albany

Patmore Feeds

Albany Rug Laundry

Social Media Advertising

Never has the small screen had such huge exposure!Make the most of modern media with video advertising designed for social platforms. Go where your audience go - whether it's Facebook, Instagram, TikTok... if it can serve advertising, we can create it.We can produce multiple video assets (such as Reels, Stories, Square video, Carousel clips) so you can run a truly dynamic campaign.

Eve Late Night Bar

Pioneer Health

Wellington & Reeves

Also consider these Green Man Media services

What We Do  >  Content Marketing

Short Form Videos

Deliver bite-sized video content consistently.Keep front-of-mind with your audience through short form videos posted on a regular basis. Sound like a lot? It's actually quite simple! We can repurpose parts of a standard video into a collection of clips for efficient delivery.Let our team create and schedule your short form content so you don't have to lift a finger - it's modern marketing made easy.

T&C Supplies

Retravision Albany

Taste Great Southern

Albany Cricket

Branded Image Posts

Sure video is great, but don't forget images!From video stills, customer photos, product imagery and more... you can utilise images as a core component of your digital marketing.Our content creation team can develop and deliver branded templates and elements to all your image posts for simple yet effective brand awareness.

Marketing Strategy

Don't know where to start? You need a strategy.It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you have so many business ideas, or not enough! At Green Man, we can brainstorm, develop and deliver marketing strategies for your business - and evolve them along the way.With decades of shared experience in all forms of marketing, let us create a dynamic marketing plan to help steer the ship for your brand.

More from Green Man Media

What We Do  >  Events / Live

Live Streaming + Capture

Over 300 Events streamed including funerals, weddings and corporate.How can your business use live video to communicate with clients? We can assist with live streaming via Youtube, Facebook, Twitch and other platforms.Need a studio space to use? Our clean and green studio is equipped with a teleprompter and live switching for multiple video channels and creative options for custom graphics.

Presentation Videos

A well-produced video is a valuable 'secret weapon' at conferences, keynotes and corporate events.Video is an excellent way to present products and services, pitch ideas and give context to your event. Tailor-made 'explainer videos' or video overviews can be the most memorable thing about a presentation.Take the sting out of communicating yourself and let our hand-crafted videos do the talking for you.

Audiovisual Services

Bring the 'wow factor' with lighting, audio and visual displays at your event.Don’t fudge it! Green Man Media can assist with matching your event to the right gear, and the right technicians to ensure your next event AV is super smooth.We’ve even worked with theatre companies to create amazing visual effects for their on-stage projects. So if you’ve got an amazing, original idea – we can make it happen!

Green Man Media also specialise in...

What We Do  >  Branding

Logo Design

When we say 'visual communication', we mean it.Launching something new? Need a fresh look? Backed by years of fine-tuned graphic design skills, the versatile Green Man team can spark original logo designs to become the face of your business.By choosing Green Man, you can ensure absolute brand consistency starting with your logo through to video content, website and more. Plus, if you're stuck on a name we can brainstorm those too - such as Bravo Gazpacho and Compass Home & Furniture.

Print Marketing + Signage

It's not just digital - get yourself out there with vibrant print media.While a 'digital only' approach to marketing can prove successful, there's also a lot of value to be found with physical, tactile media. From posters, brochures and flyers to banners, cards and point-of-sale material - we offer a complete design service to bring visual ideas to life.Better yet, at Green Man we've got the entire process covered with quality printing and delivery of your print marketing also available.

Digital Content Libraries

Achieve brand consistency with your social media / digital profiles.Avoid trying to cobble together imagery at the last minute and put your best foot forward online with branding assets you can rely on.The Green Man Media crew can provide professionally branded banners, logo types, icon packs, documents and more so you look the part no matter what digital / social media platform you want to appear on.

More creative solutions from Green Man Media

What We Do  >  Websites

Videosite + Snapsite

Websites, but affordable.A website is a must-have marketing tool for any business, however it doesn't have to be complicated or blow the budget. At Green Man, we recognise the need to give visitors the information they want without being buried in a maze of menus and pop-up messages.Our Videosite and Snapsite website solutions use simplicity to their advantage and are priced accordingly to keep your wallet happy.

Website Management

Have your own website and need help with updates? We've got you.It can be quite common for a business to have a website built and get stuck without proper support or technical assistance to make urgent changes.From the traditional days of hand-coded websites to modern CMS platforms, we have the skills to log in and deliver website updates for your business without the need for an entire website rebuild.

Think Green Man Media for all your creative needs